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1 month ago

Prufrock: Thomas Hardy in London, the Problem with "Poetic Naturalism," and North Korea's 28 Websites ...

Prufrock: Thomas Hardy in London, the Problem with "Poetic Naturalism," and North Korea's 28 Websites | The Weekly Standard

"After the five crucial years he spent there in his early twenties, Hardy lived on and off in London and its suburbs until his early forties. In 1885, when he was forty-five, he and his wife Emma settled in Max Gate, the substantial red-brick villa that Hardy designed, and had his father and brother (who were both in the building trade) construct on the outskirts of Dorchester. This by no means, however, signalled the end of Hardy's and Emma's London lives, for they would spend several months each year in the capital, attending parties, going to concerts, plays and exhibitions, paying social calls, and visiting their clubs. They rented flats or houses at a variety of fashionable addresses - Bayswater, South Kensington, Holland Park, St John's Wood, Marylebone and Maida Vale - from which they sallied boldly forth to salons and soir?es and crushes and dinners. (After the enormous financial success of Tess of the d'Urbervilles, they even experimented with bringing up their own servants from Max Gate so as to ensure that their domestic needs were fully catered to in their London lodgings.) Hardy's flirtatious encounters in the city with various literary and Society women to whom he was attracted in the 1890s generated, as well as many fascinating diary entries and the drawing-room scenes in The Well-Beloved, a handful of urban poems that veer between the witty and the plangent.

1 month ago

Lenovo denies accusations of 'locking' Yoga PCs to Windows 10

Lenovo denies accusations of 'locking' Yoga PCs to Windows 10 | TechRadar

Lenovo is at the centre of some controversy this morning following allegations that it has cooked up some sort of deal with Microsoft to lock some 'Signature Edition ' (i.e. bloatware-free) PCs so it's only possible to use Windows 10 on them, and Linux can't be installed - an accusation Lenovo has strongly denied.

Okay, so what's going on here exactly? The basic premise is that certain machines - including the Yoga 900, Yoga 900S, and Yoga 710S - come with their SSD storage locked in a RAID mode which Linux doesn't work with, as there is no functioning driver for the alternative OS. Hence users can't remo

1 month ago

Articles on Online Business - (page 1 of 859)

Articles on Online Business - (page 1 of 859)

Keyword Search

Online Business

Ways To Generate Online Income

The Internet has made it possible to generate many more forms of passive online income. Passive income is one of three types of income, as categorized by the IRS. The most common source

1 month ago

"Beyhive" vs. Rachel Roy: Beyonce's "Lemonade" stirs up Internet storm


A few things were made clear amid this past weekend's "Lemonade" mania. Beyonce, or "Queen Bey" to her adoring fans, has no intention of abdicating the pop throne. And "Becky with the good hair," whoever she may be, may wish to consider grabbing her blow dryer, turning off her cell phone and finding a fortified bunker for the next few days. The "Beyhive" is very angry.

The subject in question refers to a lyric on Beyonce's "Sorry," during which she instructs her neglectful, dishonest lover to "call Becky with the good hair." Whether Beyonce intended for the song -- or her album as a whole -- to be taken literally, as a portrait of marital strife with Jay Z, is unclear. But it appears to make no difference.

In a time when anyone with a Wi-Fi connection can morph into a self-styled private investigator or schoolyard bully, this Becky was bound to be targeted and picked apart. Fashion designer Rachel Roy, the Internet collectively decided, is Becky. (Except those that confused Roy with TV chef Rachael Ray.)

Wikipedia page vandalism, Instagram trolling, meme creation and general disparagement ensued. And while Roy certainly played a role in fanning the flames on Saturday night, posting a now-deleted picture with the caption "good hair, don't care," the verbal onslaught was somewhat unprecedented.

Beyonce is, more often than not, regarded as an artist who embodies female empowerment and strength. So the reaction of her fans, to lambaste the "other" woman and revert to both implicit and blatant slut-shaming, was a curious one. Ire toward Jay Z was harder to find.

Some noted the double standard:

The response to "Lemonade" indicates that the act of modern fandom has crossed a threshold. The Beyhive, not unlike Rihanna's "Navy" or Taylor Swift's "Swifties," does not stop at sheer adoration or listening parties. Should Beyonce come under attack -- or even appear to be threatened -- the discourse among some fans can become dark and cruel.

Roy herself issued a plea to Twitter users on Sunday, writing that bullying "of any kind" should not be tolerated.

It was basically akin to a woman yelling into an empty and vast virtual forest. The "Beyhive" had already swarmed.

1 month ago

Home | Yahoo Answers

Best answer:

Franky, you are spending too much money trying to keep up with your friends. I understand that having friends when you didn't have them in grade school and middle school is super important to you. And at 16, your stomach is a empty pit that demands food especially carbs, Bring up he and his brothers must of...

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Best answer: Franky, you are spending too much money trying to keep up with your friends. I understand that having friends when you didn't have them in grade school and middle school is super important to you. And at 16, your stomach is a empty pit that demands food especially carbs, Bring up he and his brothers must of been starving after school, and did the same thing. Tell him why having mates is important to you. and you are afraid of drawing negative attention because of what happened in the past.

Do you have any money on your debit card? You will have to spend your own money the rest of the week if he won't give you more.

My brother has a pool table and my nephew and friends would play when they were your age..

1 month ago

Business News, Finance News, UK Business News, Latest Business Finance News Headlines, UK

ACCRA Ghana could become the fourth biggest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa by 2020 once two new offshore fields come on stream, to push total output above 240,000 barrels per day (bpd), pan-African bank Ecobank said on Wednesday.

LONDON Britain's top shares index rose on Wednesday, buoyed by its banks after the Bank of Japan's overhaul of its monetary policy framework boosted financial stocks around the world.

LONDON, Britain's public finances showed a slightly bigger-than-expected deficit in August, leaving Chancellor Philip Hammond little room for manoeuvre as he prepares his first post-Brexit vote budget plans.

BERLIN Volkswagen faces 8.2 billion euros ($9.1 billion) in damages claims from investors over its emissions scandal in the legal district where the carmaker is based, a German court said on Wednesday.

9:08pm BST

LONDON The world's biggest central banks have told regulators that banks must tighten security around their SWIFT messaging systems following the theft of $81 million from Bangladesh's central bank in February.

6:43pm BST

1 month ago

Google |

What If There Was No Google?

World without Google

Wish to prepare a dish but don't know its recipe? Google it! The answers to all our questions, relevant or irrelevant, comes from Google. However, what if this amazing search engine was never launched or just chose to disappear...

12 Amazing Google Tricks You Should Know About

1 month ago

New Search Engine on the Net

Move over Google -- there's a new kid on the search engine block.

Touting more comprehensive searching capabilities and a more user-friendly service, start-up search engine Teoma is gaining notoriety and popularity the same way Google did a few years back. Teoma searches topics, organizes results, and presents the information differently than Google and other search engines such as AltaVista.

"It's a Web site that provides information for people who either want to use search engines better, or for those who have Web sites and are trying to

1 month ago

Internet :: Company Internet Usage

Many businesses are now implementing a company internet usage policy for a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons that they do this today is so that they can actually control just how much time their employees spending on the internet. In fact a large amount of time in business is wasted because employees spend vast amounts of time using the internet for personal rather than business purposes.

As we all know the internet has become an important part of modern living and therefore it is important that all businesses should have an internet usage policy in place. It is these types of policies which employees should be informed of when they first start working for any company. The policies will help to ensure that the employees are not using the internet and therefore the company's computers inappropriately.

Below are some guidelines that a business should be thinking of using when they are looking to set up any kinds of policies in relation to the use of the internet during business hours.

1. The first thing that any business owner should be looking at when setting up such policies is for them to consider just who within the company requires the internet and why? You may actually find that the kind of business you are running does not actually require all members of staff to have access to the internet. So you may find as part of your internet usage policy you only provide it to those employees who actually do need it.

2. You then need to check exactly what kinds of websites it is your employees need access to? A great way of ensuring that these employees only have access to those sites that they need is by setting up a separate server where they will be allowed access to them. By doing this a business will be able to save themselves a lot of time that would normally be taken up by employees searching the internet for information of a personal nature which they will be prevented from doing. However those who do need to access the internet can do so by using a password that has been provided to them.

However if you are a company that is allowing all their employees to have access to the internet then rules and regulations must be in place that will restrict the amount of time that they use it for their own personal use. So therefore when writing up any kind of company internet usage policy document it should clearly shown within it when employees are entitled to use the internet for personal searches and when for company work. To ensure that your employees are sticking to the guidelines provided then a good quality tracking software program should be installed. This will then help you to track when and what your employees are using the internet for. However again employees must be made aware that their use of the internet is being tracked.

2 months ago

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Auto and Trucks

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By: Passione Rossa

The 458 Italia is equipped with a racing manettino switch leading toward more sporting set ups and giving the driver a wider selection of electronic controls parameters. The ICE setting saw in the F4... (read entire article)

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Business and Finance

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